Larsen Knives of St. Louis


I began making knives several years ago.  Tom McGinnis was a big help in getting me started; he gave me a deal on a Burr King grinder and threw in some private lessons.  Tom runs a knife making school in the Ozarks.  I set up a basic shop and started making straight knives, most of which I either gave away or threw away. 

After awhile, each knife I made was better than the one before. I added more tools to my shop, including a mill, a metal lathe, and a surface grinder.  The knives started getting better and better.  

I next turned to making folders, which have their own challenges.  I found a group of knife collectors in St. Louis called the Gateway Area Knife Club, which meets once a month. I began bringing knives to their meetings to be critiqued, and learned a lot.  Local knife makers who’ve been especially helpful include and Jim Harrison, Mike Pellegrin, and Rob Ratliff.  With lots of feedback and advice, the knives got even better. I sold my first knife in 2010.

Because people are now asking to buy my knives, I have set up this web site to show and sell some of my work.  Thanks for visiting!


Welcome to my custom handmade knife web page

The knife is the oldest tool in human history, dating back to the Stone Age.  Moreover, the knife is the most common tool on the planet.  Every adult human being who has ever lived has used a knife.  Knives are truly universal tools.

The goal of my knife-making is to take this most ordinary and common of tools, and make ones that are extraordinary and uncommon.